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A Nauty Summer

August 14, 2018

Can you feel it when you're in the flow? When life is full of inexplicable coincidences. When one breadcrumb leads to the next and it seems as if you already know how it will unfold, even as it's happening? You laugh to yourself. Of course that person would say that! You already knew. 


Then there are the times when nothing is in the flow. When life seems to be stuck all around you. "I just want to get out of here!" you shout daily. It's this same terrible movie that just keeps playing again and again. And no matter what you do to change your mindset, it's unchangeable. 


In these stuck moments, I believe the more interesting question is this: can you find some small piece of yourself that knows that this unbearable stuckness is ALSO part of the flow? That in fact you are exactly, perfectly in the flow at all times? This could be liberating. 


Right now, however, in this sweaty, divine August, I am feeling "in the flow." And I'm in love with all of it. I'm in love with my band and the music we get to make together. The plans we're scheming for the coming days, months, years. I'm thrilled that I get to return to my beautiful Cuba this fall with some of my bandmates and make more music and videos (full details coming soon...) 


It's been an amazing summer so far. The new CD baby has been birthed to the world! We brought her into the light with two spectacular celebrations and whole crew of people who made it possible.


The Nautilus Band from the Washburn CD Release on June 23. 


The Minneapolis CD Release on July 6 at Icehouse. 


The days following the release have been filled with lots of tour dates and adventures. In July I popped over to Seattle to see my dear friend and fellow singer-songwriter Leah T. We made music together, played a run of shows and open mics and laughed a lot. Check out some of our shenanagins in a beautiful cabin here:


I've also had the pleasure of continuing to perform this summer with duo, trio and quartet combos of musicians from my band. It's been a Nauty Summer indeed. And it's not over yet.


This week is packed with goodies. My trio is opening for The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band on Saturday (what??) along with lots of other shows around the area. Check out the calendar for more details. 


And so, I remember to breathe, look up at the night sky, sink fully into my sticky skin. And also to enjoy this feeling of connectedness. Yes, that feeling will change. Yes, it will all be part of the FLOW. But also, thank you, thank you, thank you for this sense of peace that has come over me. For the silent knowing of things. For the sweet serendipities. For the energy I'm filled with to reach for my goals. May you also feel these things and enjoy them. And when you don't feel them, may you always know that they are there.






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