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Love investigations

May 30, 2018

I love you with the demons.

I love you with the questions.

I love you with the fears.

I love you with the thoughts.

All of this crazy human experiences is ok.

Can you give yourself that love today?


Today marks the beginning of The Nauty Interviews, a series of short videos I will be publishing leading up to The Nautilus release date on July 6. This album tells a love story from beginning to end. Each song is a chapter in that story. Each chapter is grouped into six sections, following the Fibonacci sequence, representing the phases I passed through and the lessons learned: Before, Falling, Distance, Broken, Healing, After.


Each week I will be interviewing friends and asking a question corresponding to one of these sections. Love stories, philosophical questions, math conundrums, it's all fair game! This week we start things off with the first question: "How Does It Begin?"




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