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August 20, 2017


Hello friends. Summer is overflowing in its wildest, juiciest glory right now, and in all honesty, writing has not been calling me lately. There are times for reflecting and there are times for living. Right now is the latter. However, it's been far too long since I shared any words on this blank page and updates are necessary. I'll be brief, because there is a late August thunderstorm calling my name outside my window.


I just re-read my last entry and it's pretty amazing how things can change in a year. Here are some things I'm grateful for: my dad's cancer is still in remission and he is doing great; he and I have spent precious, important time together over the last year that strengthened our relationship like never before; I'm in love with making music these days; my life is full of incredible friendships, new and old, which I cherish daily. Also, I'm creating a new album on a return trip to Cuba coming up in September. Full update coming soon! In a nutshell, I'm insanely excited to share this new music with all of you and soon after, hit the road on a solo tour of the US. Stay tuned...


And with that brief, tantalizing update, I will leave you with a poem from my heart:


Oh my dear.

Such suffering.

Have you stopped believing in magic?

Don't ever stop.

The grumpy customer man - 

Let him go.

The anxiety of finances and health care - 

Let it go.

The resistance to working on the The Project right now -

Let it go.

The sadness clenched in your heart - 

Let it go.

The exhaustion in your body -

Let it go.

Let it fall to the ground like a skin being shed.

Let it dissolve off your body like steam in the hot sun.


The faint, ever so faint sparkle in your heart - 

Move towards it.

The warmth that fills you when you take a deep breath -

Move towards it.

The tingle in your toes when you hear a song that makes you want to dance -

Move towards it.

The calm abiding in your chest that surrounds you like a warm blanket -

Move towards it.

The every tiny sensation in your body that is a message from yourself -

Move towards them.

The softness in your throat,

The relaxing of your belly,

The dirt on your toes,

The blue sky in your nostrils,

The lake in your hair.

Move towards them like a chilly traveler to a campfire,

like a bee to nectar,

quickly and without question.

Let the tiny sparks guide you in the dark.

One by one they will lead you back again, even though right now they are only miniscule. 

They will grow and you will find the source again.




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